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Welcome to a world of boundless imagination!!!
There is something truly magical about watching your child grow and unleash her creativity. As the years go by (or rather fly by!), your child's imagination sharpens along with his grasp of the world and his personality.
Liberté Kid was created to encourage all kids in their creative journey. Designed by a father tired of saying no each time his cheeky toddler attempted to draw on the walls, each poster is meant to provide a fun canvas for your child to play and experiment with time and again.
Simply peel and stick on any wall or hard surface, and let your child's imagination run wild! Easily erasable, she will be able to draw a thousand worlds and start over, leaving ephemeral work of arts on your walls! So, don't forget to snap a photo before you erase.
We hope you'll enjoy stepping into our world, where each kid is free to draw on the wall.
Share your child's drawings with us on Instagram for a chance to be reposted.
We can't wait to see what they'll create!
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